Generals: World War 2

We are about to release our brand new mobile game, GENERALS: World War 2 !

GENERALS: World War 2 is a competitive, multiplayer, real-time military strategy game in which players compete against each other to push back their front lines and destroy their opponent’s base. Players attempt to bring the battle line closer to enemy encirclement by sending out troops in various combinations with the aim of overwhelming their opponent’s strategy.

In GENERALS: World War 2, you will enjoy the extraordinary graphics of various different real battlefield maps. Detailed models of tanks, aircrafts and infantry, airborne division including paratroopers, numerous tactical combinations of air and artillery strikes applied to air and ground operations, defense and support systems, incredible explosion and sound effects, and many more features will transport you back to the unforgettable moments of World War 2.

GENERAL: World War 2 is designed in a way to appeal to those who enjoy competing in games that especially emphasise the elements of reasoning, planning and strategy. Hence, the game is developed on the concept of extensive and deep mechanics that appeal to such demographics.