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We are currently contributing to gaming industry with a clear vision, pursued with determination, by aiming to provide the best service including development and publishing of PC/Mobile Games.


developing, publishing and localizing

We are aiming to provide the best service by developing, publishing, localizing PC/Mobile Games.

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Fresh Ideas

We make it relatable, we follow a trend, we research our competitors, we keep it intuitive and easy to play.

Creative Design

We generate or recognize ideas, alternative or possibilities that may be useful, communicating with others and entertaining ourselves and others.


Planning and organization, decision-making, time management and focusing on the exact goal are our priorities.

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We are currently building and publishing games for IOS, Android, PC and Web. We are specialized in MMORPG, RTS, FPS and Sports games.


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Out of 195 countries in the world, we have gamers from 189 countries! The top 5 countries with most gamers are Türkiye, Germany, Egypt, United Kingdom, USA

Frequently Asked Question

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Please contact us by sending e-mail to [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please send us detailed information about your game via email [email protected]. We will get back to you once we make detailed analysis such as idea, gameplay, design, monetization.

We are always interested to hire new team members, especially experienced in mobile game development with Unity Engine. Please send your CV to [email protected].


Latest News

Generals: World War 2

We are about to release our brand new mobile game, GENERALS: World War 2 !

GENERALS: World War 2 is a competitive, multiplayer, real-time military strategy game in which players compete against each other to push back their front lines and destroy their opponent’s base. Players attempt to bring the battle line closer to enemy encirclement by sending out troops in various combinations with the aim of overwhelming their opponent’s strategy.

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